• Contabilidade Financeira
  • Data Analysis
  • Data Modelling
  • Finance
  • Financial Accounting
  • Introdução à Economia
  • Macro
  • Math
  • Micro
  • Statistics

I am currently Teaching Assistant at Contabilidade Financeira to the National Bachelor of Catolica Lisbon. Last year I was Teaching Assistant of Finance I.

I am the Best Student of the Msc. Finance with a Final GPA of 18.07, and currently I am finishing my thesis (therefore, lots of free time).

During this summer I did a Summer Internship at Oxy Capital (a Private Equity fund with >1.4Bn€ AUM) where I could deep my knowledge on Accounting, Finance and Excel.

About the courses I am confident teaching:

– Data Analysis (Best Student of the course: 19/20)

– Data Modeling (Got great grade in advanced VBA in the Msc. Finance ang got 17/20 in Data Modeling course)

– Finance I (Best Student of the Msc. Finance and previous Teaching Assistant of Finance I, therefore plenty of knowledge)

– Finance II (18/20 grade and really good knowledge in the field).

– Análise de Reportes Financeiros: 18/20 (best student) + 18/20 (best student in the MSc. Finance course of Financial Analysis and Forecasting which is similar)

– Law: 18/20 (best student)

-Statistics I – 17/20 (2nd best grade)

During my experience as Teaching Assistant, I was able to get plenty of office hours and got really good feedback on the way I teach, beyond the explanations I usually give.

All in all, I have plenty of free time, the grades, the curriculum, and the ability to teach. The prices depend on the number of scheduled lessons and depend on the course.

My drive to teach is definitely to have impact in my students and guarantee they learn and excel in the subject, not just to know how to do exercises and pass.