• Contabilidade Financeira
  • Cost Accounting
  • Data Analysis
  • Data Modelling
  • Econometrics
  • Finance
  • Financial Accounting
  • Introdução à Economia
  • Macro
  • Math
  • Micro
  • Statistics

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Per Listing Duration : 360 days

  • icon-check Free to be available on the platform
  • icon-check First class with new students scheduled by our team
  • icon-check The tutor pays 20€ per first class schedule with new students
  • icon-check Afterwards all following classes are for the tutor
Most frequent questions and answers

What the FAQ 💥


We want to establish a win-win situation with our tutors.

If you don’t receive students you don’t pay anything to us.

What are you waiting for to create a tutor profile? Is free!


We only ask for a service fee per new students. Here is an example: 

If a students send us a message because is interested in having classes with you, we scheduled the first class, the tutor pay us the service fee for the new student, afterward the tutor is free to give many classes to the student without pay nothing to us.

One time service fee per first class scheduled with new students 

Our aim is to give students from CLSBE the best support for them to thrive. Our tutoring service and platform is 100% developed with the students needs in mind and that’s why we consider you all part of this great community.

By sharing the service fee with the tutor we know we can focus ourselves on constantly upgrading S2S’s features.

In S2S we want to create an open relation between the tutor and the students. So, we try the most to not be in the middle of both of you! The way our tutors receive their money is between you and your students! 

S2S is the meeting point for all Católica-Lisbon students. We receive every day messages and contacts of new students who need help to achieve the results they want.

Also, Raquel, Diogo and Armindo are commited every day to communicate the intentions and purpose of S2S to the whole community of students of Católica-Lisbon! So, we can expand our impact to the whole university and abroad.

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